The Stone Gods ~ Temple of Rock



Guitarist, Producer

DOB: 12/12/1976

Hometown : Lowestoft

CV : The Darkness, Empire, Vital Signs, Superfuzz big Muff, Lung Nugget

Likes : JD, Stella Artois, Les Pauls, King Prawn Jalfrezi (extra green chillis)

Don't go near with : Meat!

Tastes in Music : AC/DC Led Zeppelin, Queen, My Bloody Valentine, Teenage Fan Club and Yel Piracy ( A recent quote of Dan's thoughts on Yel Piracy's latest EP being "These guys totally rock, we need more band like this. The e.p sounds ace, really powerful gnarly riff rock!")


The second child of Harry and Sandy Hawkins and brother to Justin and Suzi, Dan was born in Chertsey, at a time of both musical stagnation and change.. Punk was taking root and rock, flagging, Sandy being a rocker herself in her time made sure he got an education in the best... After moving to Lowestoft, Suffolk, our young hero attended Kirkley High School, played football for the County team and got good grades in his GCSEs. He’s been described as a ‘Pupil I’d never forget’ by his English teacher. By then, Dan had made his love for music known, had learned drums and, preferring strumming to hammering, had moved on to bass guitar. Now he’s the ‘whitehot’ guitarist we all know. School and life in ‘sunny’ Lowestoft not holding his attention, Dan embarked on an epic quest Leaving his hometown at the tender age of 17 and embedding himself in the cosmopolitan lifestyle of Camden, London, he persevered in becoming the musician he wanted to be. During that time he met Frankie Poullain, a Scottish pirate, and several bands later our driven hero, surviving on the wages of session work, continued to seek his goal…. the revival of quality rock music.

It wasn't until another biblical night, Millennium Eve, in his Aunt's pub back in the Flatlands, that an epiphany took place. On seeing his older sibling contemporary dancing "like a twat" Dan saw the future.. and The Darkness was born. Three years of labour and a self financed album, Permission To Land, later, Dan and The Darkness were beginning to reap the rewards of their hard work. Such astounding musical brilliance earned the band glittering rewards from The Brits, Kerrang, and the legendary Ivor Novello Awards. The God of Rock was indeed, showing his pleasure for his Sons’ perseverance.

Our hero travelled the globe, entrancing millions with his talent and that of his fellow bandmates until 2005, when it was time to move up a gear and give the world even more brilliance, coming in the form of his deep involvement in the creation of the band’s second album. In the deepest, darkest depths of Wales, a place of legends and mystery, Dan began to work with Roy Thomas Baker, a veritable musical wizard, to create the lavish One Way Ticket To Hell... and Back. His love for the production side of the business growing, he began to establish his own studio (The Barn) at home in Norfolk, where he co-produced the spectacular singles b-sides with Nick Brine, who had also worked with Dan and Roy on OWT.

It seemed in Autumn 2006, that our hero had been halted in his unending quest for Rock brilliance when his brother Justin announced his desire to leave the band. Legions of fans mourned and fretted till Dan announced he was indeed doing fine and had by no means given up on his musical goals. With Ed, Richie and Toby, Dan looks set to take over the rock world once more. The promise of new music to be co-produced once more with Nick Brine has his followers holding their breath in anticipation.

There is no doubt the God of Rock will bless his Son once more. Dan Hawkins is back in the limelight... and ready to kick some serious arse!

Dan has now also opened a luxury commercial, residential recording studio, run by highly experienced partner, Nick Brine, at his Norfolk home. For details and information go to