The Stone Gods ~ Temple of Rock




DOB : 20.2.1977

Hometown : Lowestoft. As East as East gets.

CV : Q*Sling (no dates available),The Darkness 2000 - 2006, Stone Gods 2006

Likes : Fishing, crabbing. Watching bands, partying, film of just about every genre. All the normal sorts of things that people do.. collecting mugs on the way. Going to IKEA??

Don't go near with : Flying

Tastes in Music : Rock, Pop, Grunge, Punk.. 'I like any thing that's good' Which includes Indie, as long as it's not shit. There's a very long list..


Ed's drumming started early, none of this faffing around with other instruments. His teacher remembers him as being incredibly dedicated and hardworking, doing what it takes to master his art. Sanyo, luckily for us, couldn't hold his attention, and he skipped off to London to find fame and fortune. Some success with Q*Sling morphed into membership of The Darkness after the now legendary Millenium Eve, and his Lowestoft friendships blossomed into one of the most talked about bands in recent times. He spends a fair amount of back home, cos there's no place like it. The boy at the back has plenty to say for himself when he wants to, is generally polite and charming to us... His fans are staunch and loyal to their rock solid Ed - with good reason.