The Stone Gods ~ Temple of Rock



Lead Vocalist, Rhythm Guitarist

                                                          DOB :  25/09/74

Hometown: sunny Lichfield, West Midlands

CV:  Aftermath, Gloy, Born Blind, Onion TrumP,The Darkness (’05 – ’06)

Likes:  good food and drink, rock, animals, his beloved Birmingham

Tastes in music:  extremely varied, but terribly keen on Queen, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Slade, Metallica and Rose Tattoo.

Don’t go near with:  Reality television and bad manners.

General info:

Like Toby, Richie started early when it came to loving music. By the age of 3, he was strumming random notes on an acoustic guitar, and three years later he bought his first album with his birthday money. Parents being parents attempted to suggest back-up plans for his future, as did those boring career advisors at school, but a young master Edwards knew that he wanted to be a rock star. Obviously, this doesn’t come easily. First you’ve got to form a few small bands with mates, and if you really know your stuff, you might get the chance to work extensively with a few big bands - which is exactly what Richie did as a roadie for NERD, Supergrass, and The Darkness.

He was generously rewarded in 2005 when the sacking of Darkness bassist Frankie Poullain resulted in Dan Hawkins asking his guitar tech – you guessed it, Richie Edwards – to fill his shoes. The slight worry that he might not be keen to play bass, being such a strong guitarist, was quickly dissolved when Richie immediately took up the offer with aplomb. He more than proved his worth during his first tour with the band, demonstrating his showman skills and excellent musicianship.

When his Darkness days came to an abrupt end, those who had thought the only way was up after Richie joined remained hopeful that he and the residual band members would get something together themselves, and come back with a bang – and their loyalty paid off. Richie now gets to pursue his dream properly, being the singer and rhythm guitarist of Stone Gods, able to really release his inner frontman, channel all his energy into rocking, and bask in the knowledge that Stone Gods fans all think he’s fuckin’ awesome.