The Stone Gods ~ Temple of Rock


Bowel-quaking bassist

DOB: 28/11/75

Hometown : Born in Oxford, grew up in Brighton.

CV :  Thirteen:13 (signed to Polydor 2000. 4 singles released, position: bass/ backing vocals) JJ72 (position: 2nd guitar, a few keyboard bits. Member of touring band) Graham Coxon (position: bass, backing vocals. First in 2000 during The Golden D tour. To the present). Charlotte Hatherley (member of touring band, position: guitar/ backing vocals. Appears playing bass on three tracks on her March 2007 album). Tom Vek (member of touring band, position: guitar/ backing vocals/ keys & samples. Sept-Nov '05)

Likes :  Music, fame, tattoos and cheese and onion sandwiches. His beloved LA.

Don't go near with :  James Blunt and moths.


Tastes in Music : The Beatles, Nirvana, Huey Lewis & The News, Megadeth, Hank Williams


Toby’s been singing since he could breathe, with musical influences in the form of a jazzy father and a hippy mother. Like many young lads, the ultimate goal from learning to play the guitar had something to do with swooning girls for Toby, and he started playing from age seven, keeping it up as an excuse for not being sporty - still being used, no doubt! This Indie Boy has infiltrated a host of bands over the years, backing them up like a trooper, and befriending a certain Daniel Hawkins in his Thirteen:13 days, when The Darkness was the smallest of small speckles on the horizon. Things evolved, The Darkness took the world by storm, and Toby watched, pleased for the band who had given him such support. He's been all over the world himself, Japan making a big impression - along with Bournemouth, Aberdeen and Preston... Our boy is an experienced traveller, musician and comedian; generally a good egg all round. His friendship with the lads evidently paid off! These four boys have fused to create what we hope to be a seriously rocking supergroup, with Toby at the heart of its force.